Euronda – Italian Excellence in the dental industry

Established in 1975, Euronda has been a benchmark of quality for equipment in the dental industry. Made in Italy but globally renowned the Euronda line of sterilization products are second to none and the team at ConfiDental are the Australian experts in Euronda equipment servicing.

The Euronda line of autoclaves are designed with the safety of the user, dental surgery and the equipment itself in mind. As such it is the operators and the patients that benefit from these quality pieces of dental equipment. Years of innovation and research ensures that Euronda products are built to withstand the daily grind of the dental surgery and together with the team from ConfiDental your Euronda equipment won’t let you down.

Euronda dental equipment servicing

To ensure your Euronda equipment is always working at peak performance, you need to perform regular maintenance. The team at ConfiDental are experts in Euronda dental equipment servicing and will keep your equipment in the best condition it can be and help to stop any unforeseen issues that may happen due to general wear and tear.

There are a few simple tasks that can be carried out daily to keep your Euronda autoclave and sterilizer performing well.

Daily Tasks

  • Wipe down all external parts with a soft damp cloth (never use heavy detergents or abrasive products to clean equipment)
  • No wire brushes
  • Wipe the seals down with a damp, lint free cloth
  • If you see white spots in the chamber, you should check the quality of the water being used
  • The tasks should be done when the machine is switched off and cold, power supply should be disconnected.

Quarterly Task

Sterilisation chamber and door maintenance

Every 3 months or 100 cycles the chamber of your Euronda equipment will be to be cleaned. This is the part that houses the instruments to be sterilised. During the process, the machine will create residues that will settle on the floor of the chamber. This is perfectly normal and can be cleaned very easily and quickly

  • Remove baskets, trays and holders from the machine when the machine is switched off and cold.
  • With a sponge or cloth and only using distilled water you can wipe out the chamber (do not use detergents)
  • Be careful to avoid damaging the probe in the chamber
  • Clean all surfaces where the residue has accumulated
  • Wipe the door seal with a lint-free cloth to remove any scaling

The team at ConfiDental are the preferred Euronda dental equipment servicing company for Southeast Queensland and North-eastern NSW. With years of experience in the industry, ConfiDental will help to minimise any downtime your surgery may face due to equipment failure or maintenance requirements.

Call the team at ConfiDental if you see the below:

Dark Rings in Chamber

Whilst this may alarm you there is nothing to be seriously concerned about. During the sterilisation process deposits of oil and dirt from the instruments can find their way into the hydraulic circuit. During the cycle, these deposits can find their way back into the chamber and form the dark rings that you see.

The team at Confidental can help with all your Euronda equipment servicing needs and are on call ready to answer any questions you might have about your Euronda equipment.


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